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Who We Are

We’re programmers, marketing experts, and digital media strategists by day, and your favorite business leaders forming Cornerstone Marketing Strategies by night. With degrees that represent the fields of Marketing, Psychology, Communications, Business Management and Information Technology, we’re more than just another website company. We’ve been trained by some of the best leaders in marketing, earning many certifications that make us the best at what we do. We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of marketing campaigns and websites over the years. But you wouldn’t know it by our price tag, because that’s also part of who we are. We specialize in marketing strategies for small businesses and non-profits, so you can grow your business and donor-base with a budget that works for you.


Our Services


A stunning website is just the beginning of an effective marketing strategy. We write your content with your customer or donor in mind, optimizing your site from the start with SEO best practices.


With SEO certifications, our team can be sure that you rank well for organic traffic on the major search engines. Don’t leave that up to chance with Google or Bing. Climb to the top of the results and stay there. Our tools and reporting metrics give us the opportunity to design a customized plan to make your site stand out on the search engines.

GOOGLE SEARCH (Grants and Pay-Per-Click Management)

If you have a great website and impressive SEO already checked off your wish list, Google Search may be your next step. Sponsored ads that show up on the top of the Google Search Results Page may give your website the extra boost you’re looking for. Grants are available for many non-profits. We can help you secure those grants and manage the ads each month, while Google may pay for up to $10,000 each month for your ads to show!


When you align your message with what people are already passionate about you can make an emotional connection. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great ways to connect on an emotional level with your audience through beautiful imagery and consistent engagement. Our experience growing audiences around the country make it possible for you to trust us with your favorite brand.

Client Testimonial

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have said:

You captured the exact look and feel of our brand for our new website!

We couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen when working with you. You come through on tight deadlines, and simply make amazing things happen!

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We specialize in small business and non-profit marketing strategies