4 Step Digital Marketing

Path to Success

We have overseen over $3 million worth of research on how to effectively reach abortion-minded women and how to apply that research to create marketing strategies. Through these research projects, we developed what we call the Digital Marketing Path to Success.

We all know that we have a set amount of resources of both time and money to invest each month. (Even though we know God’s resources are INFINITE, and He always provides!) When prioritizing what to conquer first, this is the order that we believe works best to produce long-lasting results:



It’s vital that your branding, including your name, logo, colors, imagery, etc be updated and relevant to reach women in your area and the demographics you’re trying to serve. If you don’t have that in place, you’ll be limited in every other step along the way.

Bringing Your Brand to Life


Great Website!

You need wisely curated content to reach abortion-minded women, with careful selection of imagery, keywords, links, and topics that are built upon a user-friendly platform and especially appealing on a cell phone. Mobile friendliness is key if you want to reach her. Most of the time, this is your first impression, and you know what they say about those— you only get one shot.

Be honest. Be above reproach. Be respectful of what she’s going through. Those three things should help guide the way you choose every word and image on your website. You’ll need to speak her language and focus on her as an individual.


Solid SEO Plan (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have a great website, but it’s not showing up for women experiencing unexpected pregnancies who are searching online for options in your area, then it’s not really helpful. SEO takes time and it’s important to make sure you’re ranking for the right keywords to reach the right women you are here to serve. Example: It’s not a very good idea to optimize for words like “free ultrasound.” It may get you a ton of traffic and phone calls, but keep in mind that strategy may not get you the women you’re seeking to serve. I mean— what woman who is pregnant would not want an opportunity at a free ultrasound? Bigger volume is not always better. Choose your keywords carefully.


Google Ads

This part of a strategy provides instant results when the campaign is set-up for success. What does that “set-up for success” look like? A google ads campaign built with stand-alone landing pages works better every time. If a woman is simply just sent to your website from the google ad, there may be too much distraction that could cause her to bounce to another website. You’ll be able to connect with more abortion-minded women and create more opportunities to engage with them in hopes to get them in for an appointment with a landing page that is optimized for conversions.

Additionally, this may have some people scratching their heads as to why Google Ads is listed after SEO if it’s such a quick and easy way to attract more clients/patients to your center. SEO is about the long-game. Investments made now will offer fruit for seasons to come. With a good strategy, it builds on itself. However, with Google Ads, we compare it to a light switch. As quickly as they can be turned on, they can also be turned off and your ads and landing page will just not show anymore. That could be because of budget limitations, changes in Google’s policies, etc. They are a great way to make a quick impact but when you’re considering what to tackle first, a great website and SEO will win every time over a quick hitter like Google Ads.


Social Media Management

Only after you’ve done the above do we recommend diving into this last area with any kind of significant investment of money because it’s not the most effective way to reach abortion-minded women who are actively searching online for options when experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Think about it. When was the last time you heard of a woman searching about abortion options on Facebook or Instagram?

Social media is definitely a part of a good branding campaign. However, if you’re trying to focus on women actively searching for pregnancy options, the other three marketing campaigns mentioned so far focus on lead generation, which translates to more instant opportunities to save women and babies.

So just to clarify, lead generation strategies and branding strategies are both important pieces of a great marketing strategy for your center, but when you’re focusing on reaching more clients who are actively searching online for pregnancy options, lead generation should be your priority focus. If you have all of the previous steps covered, a robust remarketing social media campaign on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and maybe Facebook can help you continue to show up in front of the women who found your website from those other STEPS.