Websites are a vital component of a stellar marketing plan, but did you know they have a shelf life? Think about it— a website is the technological storefront for your business or organization, and we all know just how fast technology changes. The good news is that your website doesn’t need to be updated each time a new iPhone comes out, but it does need to look good on that new iPhone!

So what’s a business or organization to do? How do you know when it’s time for an upgrade?

Ask yourself these questions—

Is your website something that your proud of?

When someone mentions visiting your website, does your heart sink a little with worry about what they might say next? Do you feel like you need to make a few excuses about why it’s on “the list” of things you’d like to invest in, even before they’ve told you what you think?

If you have anxieties along these lines, then you know it’s time to make a move on that new website project that you’ve been putting off for a while now.


Is your website visually stunning AND functional?

What’s the point of having beautiful imagery if you can’t find what you need on the page? Don’t settle for less than both, visual appeal and functionality, that combine for an outstanding user experience.

If you’re thinking you may not have the right balance, you need to get to work on that quickly. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters; Google will take notice, and your website will not rank as well in organic search if it doesn’t provide a great user experience.


Is your website representing your brand well?

If your brand has evolved other the years, but your website hasn’t, that’s a huge problem. Your website visitors need to connect with your brand. If there’s a disconnect between your website and your brand, you risk confusion and an appearance of a lack of professionalism.

If you think your website just isn’t capturing the emotional brand promises of your brand, it’s definitely important to upgrade your website to better showcase your brand.


Is your website design more than three years old?


All good things come to an end. What was an amazing website in 2015, can quickly become dated with fast paced changes. Sometimes a website can simply be updated with fresh images and content to achieve a new, more relevant look. However, many times you need an extreme website makeover to integrate the new advances with technology in functionality and appearance if you’ve let your website go too long without an update.

If your website is at least three years old, you need to start the process to upgrade your website with the latest innovation available. If you wait too much longer, you’re sure to be left behind in the dust of your competition.

If your website is only two years old, consider a website refresh to update pictures and content that will boost your Search Engine Optimization by letting Google and your visitors know that you’re not a long-forgotten ghost town hanging out on the web.

If your website is just a year or less, start budgeting now for that refresh you’ll need next year, because your website is absolutely the most important piece of your digital marketing strategy. Additionally invest in an SEO campaign that will help you stay relevant all along the way, never allowing your website content to go out of style!

So what are you waiting on? Contact us for some FREE marketing advice today!