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What are Keywords Anyway, and Why Do They Matter?

If you’ve read anything about Search Engine Optimization or Google Ads, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term “keyword.” Keywords are the words that people use to search on a search engine like Google or Bing, before they land on your ad or website. A website written with rich content including keywords that are relevant to…
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photo for shelf-life of a website

The Shelf Life of a Website

Websites are a vital component of a stellar marketing plan, but did you know they have a shelf life? Think about it— a website is the technological storefront for your business or organization, and we all know just how fast technology changes. The good news is that your website doesn’t need to be updated each…
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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing— It’s one of those terms that many times overwhelms people. If you’re a small business owner or nonprofit leader, you probably recognize the importance of having a digital marketing presence, but you may not understand how to make it happen on a shoestring budget. Our team has experience working with hundreds of clients…
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